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Posted by Apostilic Faith Church on January 18, 2012 at 8:05 AM

Praise God for His loving kindness and grace upon our lives during the Mission Trip to Orissa and Chhattisgarh.

Our team comprised of the following members including me, Rev.John Joseph,Nagpur; Rev.Joshua David,Faridabad; Rev.Moses David, Nagpur; Rev.K.R.Abrahan,New Delhi; Bro.Jai Pal Singh Khandari, Dehradun; Bro.Sudhir Gheer, Nagpur; Bro.David Joseph,Nagpur; Rev.Michal Miller,Dallas; Rev.Peter, Dallas; Bro.Michael,Dallas; Bro. Shaun, Dallas.

Jan 7 : Arrived Raipur Airport and drove to Jagdalpur about 7 hours. Further moved on to Dhanpunji about half hour drive towards the border of Orissa. We had our first meeting at the church of Pastor Jejekiel Daniel.

Jan8 :We had the church service, the team was split and 3 of us went to another church about 20 minutes drive in to a small village. Its a small schurch with about 25-30 people. God's power came upon the people and the whole church was filled with the Holy Spirit.

Evening public meeting at Dhanpunji and the Holy Spirit showed by in power. Great miracles and rejoicing amoung the pople. The church was packed inspite of intense cold. People were hngry for His presence and the word.

Jan 9 : Pastors conference - about 100 pastors from the region attended the conference which finished at 4 pm, a time of great Challenge and rededication for the men of God. We had the evening public meeting with over 500 people. Many signs and wonders took place.

Jan 10: We left Danpunji and drove to the river front, then crossed over by boat and walked for 2 hours to reach a village called Sindhi Batta. A scenice remote village in heart of the jungle. The most amazing fact was that it that day there was no electricity in that village. For  the first time, through the generous gifts of the church and the efforts of Rev.John Joseph electricity was pulled in from another village. This was the first time electric bulbs brought light in that village, but as of now it was only available to the church and the orphanage. We hope and pray that soon the whole village will have electricity. That evening again we had an open air meeting. Inspite of cold weather the whole village came out to hear the gospel. (It was in the year 1949 that Rev. Allison Joseph, the late father of Rev. John Jospeh had first brought the gospel to this village and had established a church which sytill has his name and the year it was founded written on it.)

Jan 11 : We had the morning meeting with people of the village and many signs and wonders were performed in the name of Jesus and many gave their lives to the Lord.Afternoon the villagers took us to the hill nearby where Rev. Allison Joseph used to go and pray in acave during the years 1950-70 when he would come to the village. It was a great experience.

Evening meeting was a blessing as the power of God moved bringing great breakthroughs amoung the villagers.

Jan 12 : We bid good-bye to that beutiful scenic village as all of the village came out to the outskits of the village to see us off. It was obvious that very rarely would outsiders venture into such remote place and they were so glad we had come.

We again caught the boat and came to the other shore from where we were taken to Dhanpunji and after lunch we drove about 3 hrs to Dantewada as we entered the naxalite infected belt. We were guests at the Bastar for Christ Missionary Movement (BCMM) which was planted by and old man of God from Tamilnadu Pastor. Kashirajan. He is old and sick in his body, his beloved wife had expired 2 months back, but the great zeal and passion for Christ pulled our hearts to him. He has been ministring there for 15 years and has planted over 40 churches and also had 37 constructed church buildings without any foreign support. That evening we had plublic meeting in his very viberant church packed to capacity. We were overjoyed to see people gather about 500 even during the cold nights and stay uptill 10 pm, as we saw God moving in signs nd wonders.

Jan 13 : We had a pastors conference about 150 pastors from that area came to gether. They were much challenged and enjoyed God's word that we could break for lunch only at 4 pm. The evening meeting was a great blessing to us and the poeple.

Jan 14 : We drove to Bijapur, through the dense forest and the naxal effect areas. As we went by we stopped at many churches about 5 churches, met the pastors and leaders and prayed with them and encouraged them in the Lord. We reached Bijapur where half our team had already arrive the previous day and a large crusade was being conducted. There was a gather of about 4000 people in the open tent inspite of the cold. God did mighty miracles , the deaf heard, the blind saw, the lame walked, paraletic stood up and walked, demons came out and there was great joy in the city.

Jan 15 : We drove to Bairangarh and had a wonderful  Sunday service there, the service went up to 4 pm after wich we had lunch and travelled to Dhanpunji about 150 Km. On reaching Dhanpunji people had already gathered there to hear the word of God.

Jan 16 : Was time to end our Mission Trip  and go back home. We drove from Dhanpunji to Jagdalpur and further to Raipur Airport about 8 Hrs drive to catch my flight back to Delhi. Wow ! it was amazing time and thank God for His great mercies and helping us all to preach the gospel boldy and to encourage the churches.

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