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Attack from Hindu Extremist group

Posted by Apostilic Faith Church on March 16, 2012 at 9:15 AM


A report on persecution happening in Delhi.

On Monday, 12th  March, 2012, our fellowship’s area leader,Bro.Jagdish Dey, was conducting weekly prayer meeting at the residence of one of our believer in the slum cluster of  Bhoomi Heen Camp, Govindpuri,Near DDA Flats, Kalkaji, New delhi- 110019. In the meeting there were 6 ladies and few children.


About the close of the meeting at few men came to the doorof the house as if to listen to the sermon but one of them started to clickpictures with his camera, to which no one suspected. As soon as the finalprayer was said, complete strangers and not from the close neighborhood, walkedinto the house and got hold of the brother and dragged him out claiming thatthey were Bajrang Dal activists (A Hindu hardcore fundamentalists group). There were over 30 men who were standingoutside and with the intention to manhandle our brother and they had lethalweapons with them. As the ladies came and surrounded the brother they could notharm him, but instead they called the police. He was taken to the Govindpuripolice station.


On getting a call I along with my co-pastor Rev. JobbyPrasannan, rushed to the police station. We found that the Bajrang Dal hadbrought in false witnesses to give statements, claiming that the Bro.Jagdishwas luring people with monetary benefits, telling them to desecrate idols andto defame Hindu gods, that has no relevance to our values, doctrines orteachings. Bro.Jagdish Dey, himself was a chronic alcoholic for 30 years andhad lost everything in life, when about 5 years ago, by reading the bible andattending prayer meetings his life was changed.


The activists have openly challenged any Christian work andthreatened with dire consequences. At about 2 A.M the interrogating policeofficer let us go after he took in writing from Bro. Jagdish Dey in a plain A4sheet, under pressure from the Bajrang Dal activist (there were about 50 menwho were standing outside the police station), that he will not go to thathouse and conduct meetings. 

Further, On the next day Tuesday, 13th March,the ladies meeting was being held and few ladies from that locality hadgathered in a house of a believer, as usual every Tuesdays from 3 to 5 pm. Mywife Pastor. Blessy Bobby was leading the meeting and only ladies were present,when few men came and opened the door of the house and threatened them. Theyleft when the sisters protested.

On Wednesday, 14th March, when a sister went to get waterfrom the public bore well she was denied water by some claiming that water willnot be given to christian and that Christians should find their own well.Later, the day two christian families who stay in rented accommodations, wereasked by their house owners to vacate their house immediately, under pressurefrom the Bajrang Dal activists.

We are in fear of violent activities and even threat to thelives of our brethren, who are living in that locality. We request you tokindly pray for the safety of the people .


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Reply R. Jayachandran
5:44 AM on March 24, 2012 
Sure, I take up this threatening challenge before the Lord sent by the darkness of this world. Don't be worried. He will accomplish His mission through you. Be calm and see His awesome action soon.

With much loves in Christ.